Friday, October 26, 2012

Free blog writing in the holiday

In the holidays me and my sister and my two brother’s went to the Movies at Sylvia Park. When we went to pay for the Movie we didn't know what we were going to watch. We were going to watch The sapphires but when we went to the counter the person said that Pitch perfect was a cool movie to watch.

She said that it was a comedy so we all agreed on it. But before we went we bought for ice block’s passionfruit flavoured. Then we went to give the ticket to the man. Next we all went to stage 4 so we went up the step’s to our seats we were all the way on top on the lazy chairs.

It was so cool on top it had a better view plus just a press of a button you can activate the lazy chair. It was pretty cool at the movies first we eat the ice block’s then we eat some chip’s and we had a drink. It was a pretty funny movie and all I saw was popcorn every wear when the movie ended.


  1. Hi Mikaiah, that was some good words you did, I bet you had fun at Hoyts in Sylvia park