Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

Ever since I’ve got my Netbook I was so interested in going on other sites on the internet, like our class site, E-mail, Docs, Math whizz, Xtramath and Studyladder. There are all other fun stuff on the internet and there are other cool stuff on the internet like Cool Math games, Friv and Y8 games.

Next Year I hope I can take care of my Netbook Because when i'm a year 8 I will get a different Netbook. Its way different to my netbook It has a bigger screen and it can last longer than my old Netbook.

Sometimes my Netbook gets on my nerves because sometimes it blackouts on me and it shuts down. My Netbook is cool even though I said stupid things about it, Its still cool. When I’m going on something on my netbook it goes fast and it goes slow too sometimes. I would love it if the internet would work quicker sometimes!

I like my Netbook because all of the different places you can upgrade it and change the colours of it. You can download all sorts of games and songs the games are very cool. I like to thanks Mr and Mrs Burt for giving the school netbooks and the netbooks are awesome!