Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wonderful Day

One morning it was a lovely day at school with the teachers and all the student’s we all had a wonderful day but suddenly I had a strange feeling in my head. So after school I went to the shop’s and I was looking around and then I saw my brother inlor with his truck also he had black pants and a dark blue and yellow jacket on. The next morning I got up I had a shower put my uniform on had breakfast got my bag and went off to the shop’s to buy my lunch.

As I was walking I saw my 2 friends Neo and Ulli so I ran up to them. bye the time we went to the shop’s I went to go and buy my lunch but first I went to the bakery to buy me a pizza bread next I bought a cookie for me. Then I went to the other shop Then I bought a 2 dollar lunch pack now I went to the crossing's with my friends. when I was at school the first bell rang so I ran to class hang my bag up and got my Netbook out and played a couple of games then the second bell rang. So we sat on the mat and the day went on.

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