Friday, June 28, 2013

MIkaiah Karakia DLO

DLO mikaiah from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

The three little cats

Once upon a time there were three little cats. Two of the little cats were nasty and one of the little cats was kind and generous. One day the three little cats went out to build their own houses to live in.

The first little cat went and got heaps of straw to build his own house but suddenly he heard a stick snap into pieces. He turned around and saw a huge German Shepherd. But the little cat didn't care so he carried on trying to find a spot to build his house. Little did he know that he was being followed by the German Shepherd.

The Little cat finished building his house. Than the giant German Shepherd approached the little cats house and knocked on the door. As soon as the little cat opened the door, the German Shepherd jumped on top of the cat and the cat got eaten.

The next day the German Shepherd went to the next cats house. His house was made out of wood. The German Shepherd blew the house down and ate the little cat. The two cats that got eaten were both of the nasty cats.

The third cat was a smart and also a special cat. He was so smart that he made his house out of bricks and it was so strong that nothing could break it. Then, the German Shepherd came to the third little cats house and tried to blow the house down. He tried and he tried but he just couldn't blow the house down.

So he jumped on top of the house and jumped down the chimney. He didn’t know that the little cat was cooking stew so he jumped straight into a hot pot of boiling water. “Splash!” He landed in the pot and he slowly died. The little cat survived because it was cooking the German Shepherd with his stew.

The End

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Camping with my friends

 One Day me and my three friends Paris, James and Kane went out camping. We all had to find all our gear and meet at James’s house. We left camping on Tuesday. We were all very excited about going on this trip. We had to have at least one or two adults with us just for safety.

By the time we reached the gate to go through the forest we all were puffed out. So as we were walking through the forest we were excited and scared at the same time. We were scared because there was this scary noise whistling through the trees.

When we were walking in the forest we heard a stick snap into two pieces. So we turned around and looked at what was there and we slowly went and hid through the trees and waited for someone or something to walk past.

We waited for about seven minutes and then suddenly there was a weird looking animal that had six legs and for eyes and it looks almost like an eight feet tall animal. We were really really scared because the animal looks very ferocious.

We waited and waited and waited until the cretcher walked away. It stayed for about five minutes until it walked away. When it was walking away Paris stood up and snapped stick the animal turned around and we all started running and it was chasing us we were screaming loud and know one herd us.

It was really really scary and when we got to the gate I closed it as fast as I could and it stop because of the gate. We were very freaked out and scared. so we all walked home and we would never walk into the forest again.          

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sam Thaiday

Hi did you know That Sam Thaiday was born in June 12 1985. He plays for the Broncos in NRL. His weight is 110 kg and hi is 181 cm tall. He plays in a junior club called Townsville Brothers.

The Broncos captain is one of the most powerful ball - runners in the game, with his fearless charges a constant threat to opposition defences. While he is an inspiration to his teammates on field, the Maroons and Kangaroos forward is just as respected for his community work, especially in supporting Indigenous issues.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kids fun day

Hi last week on Saturday my church had a kids fun day. First we went to tenpin bowling in Panmure. me and my family had to set up all the activities that we were doing. One of them was playing in the arcade. Everybody in the church got to get six tokens to play on any game they wanted too.

After, the next activity we did was bowling we had heaps and heaps of fun bowling. on my first go I hit down eight tens. Then on my second go I got one down when I was supposed to get both of them down but I missed one.

Next we went back to playing in the arcade and we got some more tokens. There was this one game that was really fun but I did not know what was the name for it. Well it was a boxing game that is really fun first you had to insert a token and pull down the boxing bag and hit it as hard as you can and see how much points you get.

When we were still playing in the arcade we got called out that we have another turn of bowling. we were all very shocked and very excited about it. I had to wait because there were two people in front of me. When it was my turn I stood up and tried to find the light’s bowling ball and went for my turn and I just got nine pines down. Than next on my second go I got a spare.