Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fia fia opera

Hi my name is Mikaiah today on Friday the 12th of April 2013 at assembly many people perform to make us get inspired of Fia fia. Fia fia is when Cook island groups, Samoan, Tongan and many many more. This performance came from a lady that came from Australia the music that she was singing like a Soprano kind of way. Her singing was pretty awesome she perfectly made her high notes.

All the performance were cool from the past few weeks. she sang two songs both of them had meanings one of them means that hav you wanted to get something but your parents would not buy it for you. After she sang a song that means that a sixteen year old girl wanted to get married but her parents would not let her.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Cook island community

Hi My name is Mikaiah. I’m in a Cook Island community. We have been in part of parades and many many other things. For the past few weeks we have been learning cook island moves. Our last performance was at Glen innes at a parade it was so cool because I saw Uili, Henry and Hosanna. Uili was the best there Because they were singing and the first song they sang was I believe. After they sang a different song but I didn't know what it’s called.

We were next after them so we quickly got changed and rushed down. When we got there they just finished so we got into position. As we got into lines we all started walking and the drummers will drum. Then suddenly in my head I heard a huge noise I was so nervous and it is so freaky for me and other people in our group.

At some point in our dance theres a time when we do this thing could around the world. Around the world is traditional the for Cook islanders. Around the world is when you either pick someone from the audience or from your group then after you have to sit down with your partner in a half circle. Then next if your name is could out then you have to stand up in the middle and then dance in front of the audience.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hi my names Mikaiah what's your favorite celebrity?. My favorite celebrity is Bruno Mars.To me his song are very catchy will most of his songs are. Do you think they are? the songs that I like is Count on me, Dream taker, Billionaire, Grenade, Marry you and The Lazy song. What is your favorite songs that Bruno Mars sings.

My second celebrity is J.T which stands for Justin Timber lake. His songs are very cool. Most of his songs I like is Chop me up, Cry me a river, Lets take a ride, Like I love you and Until the end of time. What’s your favorite songs? My favorite song out of all that are on a list is Until the end of time.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pt England student

Hi my name Mikaiah I am a student at Pt England school. Every day I get up early in the morning have a shower, have breakfast and make my lunch. After I have to stop and wait for my little brother. Bye the time he woke up I've already started walking. When I got to school the first bell rang so I quickly ran to my classroom.

when I got into class I put my chair down and hanged up my bag. Next I got my Net book out of the cabbed and started my day on my Google docs. The first thing we do on Google docs is that we wright all different type of paragraphs, stories and more things too.

Next after writing the bell rings and the class get their lunch out for interval. Interval is about having a break from school work. During interval me and my friends play tag after interval we always come back to class and get ready for sports.

Sometimes we play games like ball tiggy, ball rush tag and touch. Sometimes we do drills, laps around the field. When we finished our sports time we go back to class and do maths. Then for a while the bell rings for lunch time so we go.

After lunch we finished off all the things we've been doing like our Cyber Smart project, animations and art. When we are finished we go on to Study ladder. Then when you're finished you will just have to put up your chair and get you things ready so the bell can ring for home time. When the bell rang every student left to go home and the was the end of the school.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Cook Island group

Hi my name is Mikaiah this term my school is having a Fia fia performance. There are many other cultural dances like Noain dancing, Hip hop, Cook island dancing and many more. If you were a student at Pt England school what kind of dance you’ll pick ?. Well i’m in Cook island dance group and my little brother is in the  Cook island drumming group I think he’s drumming for us to dance too.

It’s going to be fun going to all the dance practice’s the school has practice on Thursday and Friday’s. During practice’s you will need to be well hydrated and wearing the right clothes to practice in. For the girl’s they need to bring their own Lava lava and for the boy’s we have to bring a white T-shirt and a pair of shorts. When you're practicing you need to remember etch step one bye one as you keep learning you will get really good to dancing better and faster and that’s how to learn and to dance.