Friday, May 31, 2013

Argument about lollies

Children should eat lollies...
Children should not eat lollies...
1. They love lollies
1. Lollies rot their teeth
2. They taste sweet
2. They could get sick
3. They can be happy
3. They could end up with diabetes
4. Lollies are very cheap
4. They could get too fat
5. They are colourful
5. It has too much sugar and makes kids hyper

Children should not eat lollies:

  • Paragraphe 1
Children should not eat lollies because children can get rotten teeth. If you eat too much lollies than that means you could have not much teeth when your older. Also your teeth might break when you eat solid types of food like chocolate, Cookies and lollipops.

  • Paragraphe 2
If you eat too much lollies you could get sick. When you're sick that would mean that you need to go to the doctors which I hate. When you're sick you can actually catch many many diseases.

  • Paragraphe 3
It is really really sad If you eat way too much sugar because most people can actually get diabetes from heaps of lollies and sugar. Getting diabetes can make you sick also you will need to go to the hospital too. Diabete is so so bad for your body.

  • Paragraphe 4  
When sugar enters your body it turns into fat and you can actually get really really fat from sugar. Many people can get obese from heaps and heaps of sugar as you already know that sugar turns into fat well you could die from obesity.

  • Paragraphe 5

If your children eat way too much sugar they could get hypo. It is really hard trying to get your kids together when they are hypo. Kids are really difficult when they are hypo. I just hate giving heaps of sugar to kids they don’t listen to you when you tell them what to do.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


                                          Hi this is an Vanilla producer 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Report for what is in our food

Report Writing about Eggs:

Eggs are very very high in protein and high in cholesterol. Caged eggs and organic eggs taste a bit different. New Zealanders eat up to  920,000,000 eggs per year.

Caged Hens:

There are 6 hens per cage. The space that each hen has is about the same size as a A4 paper. The surface of the cage is on an angle so when they lay eggs the eggs can roll down. Also there is a line going across the cages so when they try and pick the eggs the line gives them a little shock.

Free Ranged:

Free range hens are really different to caged hens. Free range eggs taste different than cage eggs. Free range hens have more space than caged hens. These hens can run around but caged hens can’t.

Organic Eggs:

Organic eggs are high in protein and cholesterol. If you would think that all the eggs are all the same well you're wrong. There are two eggs that are not the same and they are called Free range eggs and Organic eggs. If you were to cook them both and tack them to a market for a tasting sample Organic eggs will be voted the most.

Free Range Eggs:

Free range eggs have the same protein as Organic eggs. Free range eggs actually has more protein when it’s cooked than raw.   

Friday, May 10, 2013

Assembly WILL.I.AM

“WOW” I just had an amazing experience. An a amazing song artist walking through our school door. Guess who it is?. It’s “WILL.I.AM” from The Black Eyed Peas. I wish I can turn up as a star like him. I wonder how he became a star.

It was so so exciting because he gave the school $100.000.00 dollars Isn't it so cool a song artist giving the school money. Would it be so cool if he performed a song in front of the hole school. The dumb thing that we can't do is ask for his autograph. I like WILL.I.AM’s new song its called power.

As he was walking through the door I turned around and all I saw was a hole bunch of cameras and I just found out that we were going to be on TV. I think he is the worlds greatest song artist he is a kind and generous person.

He is very cool and my favourite song is That Power, Far Away From Home, Geekin’, Scream and Shout and last but not least Let's Go. The best part of the day for me is when he came into our classroom. When he came into our class I was so so nervous and miss ask the class if anybody wanted to ask a question. And suddenly a lady from the camera seen ask Makayla to read out something about WILL.I.AM.

After that when she finished reading they all went away.