Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In the Holidays

In the holidays me and my sister and my two brother’s went to the Movies at Sylvia Park. When we went to pay for the Movie we didn't know what we were going to watch. We were going to watch The sapphires but when we went to the counter the person said that Pitch perfect was a cool movie to watch.

She said that it was a comedy so we all agreed on it. But before we went we bought for ice block’s passionfruit flavoured. Then we went to give the ticket to the man. Next we all went to stage 4 so we went up the step’s to our seats we were all the way on top on the lazy chairs.

It was so cool on top it had a better view plus just a press of a button you can activate the lazy chair. It was pretty cool at the movies first we eat the ice block’s then we eat some chip’s and we had a drink. It was a pretty funny movie and all I saw was popcorn every wear when the movie ended.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Family and friends

Hi my name is Mikaiah at school I have about five friends there name is Paris, Uili, Levi, James and Nathan. When i’m at school I play with them at morning tea and lunch time my favourite two is Uili and James. One game that we play is tagg of course you have played that I think.

Anyway in my family I have for sisters and two brothers. One of my sister has two kids and one baby my other sister has one baby. My other sister doesn't  have any kids her husband is at Tonga. I only have a mum because my dad died last year in August .

We buried him at Rarotonga next to my grandfather or his dad. It was cool flying to Rarotonga because on the plane there are screens at the back of every chair. there's a headphone for you to listen to songs and you can watch movies and play games too it is really cool.

When we had to bury him we had to cut our hair because it was long. When all the funeral’s whirr finished we fly back over to New zealand.

Monday, March 25, 2013

My superhero

Hi my name is Mikaiah my favourite superhero is Super man. His cool powers are flying, shooting laser out of his eyes, he can lift up almost anything and he can blow like a tornado coming toward you. The Person i've only seen him fighting was Goku super saiyan. One move I seen them do together was that Goku was doing his kame kame ha and super man was making his laser coming out of his eyes. As soon as both of them reached each other they created a big huge ball in front of them.

When they whirr still fighting superman's laser was pushing harder than Goku’s kame kame ha. Then later suddenly Goku’s kame kame ha was pushing and pushing then a minute later the hole place exploded with a huge bang. Then Goku and superman got up as fast as they can and quickly got in there move but Goku’s move was a spirit  bomb and superman’s move was that he blows as hard as he could but Goku’s move was stronger than superman’s.

Suddenly goku’s spirit  bomb was so strong that superman flow far far away that goku had to fly to him. Bye the time goku got to him superman hi crashed
into a mountain and fell down and  was so weak that he could not stand up so Goku won the fight and superman lost I was really looking forward for superman to win.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Homeless lady

Once there was an old lady living in a motel and one day the motel manager called her and said” that you haven't paid your rent. So she got kicked out of the motel. Right next to the motel there is a train station so she sat down on the chiers with all her things and she was struggling  trying to get food out of a can because she was so horrified that she got kicked out. As she was eating all of her stuff whirr around her.

When she finished eating I saw her red and black tartan skirt and beside her was a oversized bag filled to the brim. She was wearing an large waterproof jacket she would be so hungry and starving because she only ate one can of food. All she had was all of her belongings on her feet she had old worn shoes and long brown socks. Beside her she had many many of plastic bags filled with cans and also clothing.She took it to the metal man and the metal man gave her ten dollars.

Friday, March 15, 2013


On Friday the school is going to have a special assembly Because Mrs M’s brother is is coming to perform at assembly. So when the second bell rang the class got into lines. When everyone was in line we all started walking. As we got to the hall the whole class had to walk all the way to the back of the hall so we all can sit on the chairs.

When we sat down there whirr still many class’s coming into the hall. When the whole school was sitting down and the song was playing Mr Burt got out his guitar next Mr Jacobson stop the song for Mr Burt to talk. After Mr Burt told the school to stand up so we can sing the national anthem so we sang. Bye the time we finished singing we sat down on our chairs or ether on the floor.

Next Mrs M told us to give a big welcome to her brother. Did you know he traveled to many places like London, Samoa and of course New Zealand because he's here right now. Well anyway he came walking out to introduce himself after when he finished introducing himself he told us to say something that is part of his performance. When we whirr saying it he started singing so we all stopped.

The song that he was singing was about the tsunami in Samoa.As he was singing the whole school started cheering and clapping his performance was awsome I think this is why i’m writing about it. Just kidding our teacher told us to write about it and what kind of experience we all had about it.

So I think he sang for a bit it was so cool even though it was long. Bye the time He finished the whole school was still cheering for him and we all whirr happy about him and the song. Then we stopped cheering and then Mr M came and said to give an around of applause and everybody was clapping and cheering then his performance was finished and then Mr Jacobson put on some music and the whole school went to class and carried on with their work.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


YES THERE’S A PICNIC” today I screamed. This morning I got up early then I got ready for school. After I started walking to school. Next when I was at school then the second bell rang then we all got in to two lines of girls and boys.

Soon as we got in line we started walking to the hall so Mr Burt can tell us the rules down at the beach. First of all Mr Burt told us not to go down to the point. So then he told us where to go and where not to go.

So then after Mr Burt said that the year seven and eight start walking first to the beach then the year’s 6,5,4 and all the rest follow after us. By the time we got to the beach Mr Jacobson and Mrs Vaafusuanga already setted up all the sports gear around different places. Next  the howl school got in to two lines of boys and girls and sat down.

By the time we all sat down Mr Burt told us that we can set up underneath trees. After that he told us to go and find our places for us to sit down and stay there the howl day. Next we had to find our tree to go under. Our tree that we went under was a tree on the far side of the beach.

When we sat down our teacher said we can already eat our morning tea.
After when I ate my morning tea me and my friends Paris and Nathan we went down to the sand and we made mountains, tarnoles, carcels and also alleyways for the water to go through. Then next when we finished playing with the sand it was time for the year sevens and eights tern to go for a swim the year sevens and eight were allowed to bomb off  the rock on the beach.

After their swim it was lunchtime so we went to our bags and got our lunch when we whirr walking suddenly Paris cut his feet with a small seashell. I started racing across the beach to help him when i got to him his feet was bleeding so I carried him and started to walk down to the teacher and we took him to get the first aid kit. When we whirr walking blood was coming out but it was just a little when we got there the first thing we had to do was we had to clean his feet before we put the bandage on.

When we finished cleaning it we put the bandage on his feet. After we finished putting it on me and Paris started walking. when we started walking my friend Nathan saw me and Paris. So he started Jogging to us and he asked me what happened? and I said he cut his feet then we all started walking together when we went to our place Mr Burt blowed the horn so the howl school had to get everything we brang and bring it with us and we had to go where we whirr  when we first came to the beach.

When we all sat down Mr burt said that he had a good time at the beach and he hoped that we all had a good time at the beach to. Next when he saying his speech the howl school had to walk back to school. then it was home time so we all went home.