Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Martin Luther King

In 1963 Martin Luther King had a speech it was called I have a dream. He had a dream to
help people go to the same school. Also that they can go on the same bus but they had to sit in the back of the bus and if the bus was full one of the black people have to give up their spot. There were more black people that were poor and lived in poverty, but lots of the white people lived in prosperity.   

Martin Luther Kings first job was being a lawyer, Next his other job was being a minister. But he was most famous for fighting for equality for the blacks. Did you know that when he was signing books he was stabbed on the back? He went to jail for a short time. He went to jail because tax and traffic offences, they tried to find something what he did wrong so he can go jail. Did you also know that his house was filled with C4 and got destroyed. He got assassinated.

In a america there were less black people and more white people back then. Martin Luther King was fighting for equality between white people and black people. The black people could vote but they made it really difficult for them. Martin Luther King would be happy if he was here right now, because of Barack Obama being the president of the U.S.A.

Martin Luther King made the most wonderful speech in America. His speech inspired many many people around the country. His speech was about bringing peace between Black and White people, also making everything equal. He wanted the black people and white to set together in the bus and go together in the same school.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

“ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET, GO!!!” Yesterday our whole school had a Cross Country race It was heaps of fun even though It was so tiring. We  had so much fun we got to slide in the mud and puddles of water. We all had to start at school than run half of the field, next we run out of school grounds and run all around the reserve twice.

As I was running I could feel the sun bursting down to my face. I was sweating and tired at the same time. I told myself not to quit and to keep on running. “GO MATATUA”, As I was running I tripped up into the water and got wet from top to bottom .

“ YES!!! ” I'm nearly finished my first lap. As I reached the finish line I heard heaps of people cheering and shouting.YES!!! I’m on my second lap I said to myself in my head.

I was puffing so hard and my heart was beating so fast too. I got a stitch when I was just reached the finished line. When I past the finish line I felt Proud of myself because I finished the race, I was really really tired too.