Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

Ever since I’ve got my Netbook I was so interested in going on other sites on the internet, like our class site, E-mail, Docs, Math whizz, Xtramath and Studyladder. There are all other fun stuff on the internet and there are other cool stuff on the internet like Cool Math games, Friv and Y8 games.

Next Year I hope I can take care of my Netbook Because when i'm a year 8 I will get a different Netbook. Its way different to my netbook It has a bigger screen and it can last longer than my old Netbook.

Sometimes my Netbook gets on my nerves because sometimes it blackouts on me and it shuts down. My Netbook is cool even though I said stupid things about it, Its still cool. When I’m going on something on my netbook it goes fast and it goes slow too sometimes. I would love it if the internet would work quicker sometimes!

I like my Netbook because all of the different places you can upgrade it and change the colours of it. You can download all sorts of games and songs the games are very cool. I like to thanks Mr and Mrs Burt for giving the school netbooks and the netbooks are awesome!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Free blog writing in the holiday

In the holidays me and my sister and my two brother’s went to the Movies at Sylvia Park. When we went to pay for the Movie we didn't know what we were going to watch. We were going to watch The sapphires but when we went to the counter the person said that Pitch perfect was a cool movie to watch.

She said that it was a comedy so we all agreed on it. But before we went we bought for ice block’s passionfruit flavoured. Then we went to give the ticket to the man. Next we all went to stage 4 so we went up the step’s to our seats we were all the way on top on the lazy chairs.

It was so cool on top it had a better view plus just a press of a button you can activate the lazy chair. It was pretty cool at the movies first we eat the ice block’s then we eat some chip’s and we had a drink. It was a pretty funny movie and all I saw was popcorn every wear when the movie ended.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wonderful Day

One morning it was a lovely day at school with the teachers and all the student’s we all had a wonderful day but suddenly I had a strange feeling in my head. So after school I went to the shop’s and I was looking around and then I saw my brother inlor with his truck also he had black pants and a dark blue and yellow jacket on. The next morning I got up I had a shower put my uniform on had breakfast got my bag and went off to the shop’s to buy my lunch.

As I was walking I saw my 2 friends Neo and Ulli so I ran up to them. bye the time we went to the shop’s I went to go and buy my lunch but first I went to the bakery to buy me a pizza bread next I bought a cookie for me. Then I went to the other shop Then I bought a 2 dollar lunch pack now I went to the crossing's with my friends. when I was at school the first bell rang so I ran to class hang my bag up and got my Netbook out and played a couple of games then the second bell rang. So we sat on the mat and the day went on.

Free Blog writing

In the weekends me my big sister and my brother went to my little brothers rugby game. His team was Tamaki marist.
They were  vs Varsity also my brother Simon got the two first tries.

Next marist kicked the ball and ran to tackle ho ever kurt it. After that they got into a big scrum that pushed off out onto the side line. Then they had a lineout and Varsity got the ball and ran around and stepped one of my brothers friend and got a try.


Thursday, September 13, 2012


Boxing is an olympic sport mostly played by men not women     

The gear you will need is head gear, mouthguard and boxing gloves also some boxers use straps to keep their wrists strong.  Boxers fight in an arena, you have to fight with your hands not your feet or else you will get a penalty. Muhammad ali is a famous boxing player. He started boxing in 1960 he was so famous back then.

He is a professional boxer also like Rocky balboa he is famous in boxing and also in movies to.
There are other famous boxers like David tua. David was born on 21st in November 1972. David has very good instincts and david is samoan.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mikaiah's Swimming Animation

Here is my swimming animation. We got to have swimming lessons at the Glen Innes Pools.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Art Alive

This means a lot to me because I like to draw but it doesn't mean how you draw it. Then we had to think how we're going to colour it with pastel. If you colour it slowly and make it tidy it will stand out with Indian ink. After that we started inking we had to go cheerfully on the outline. Indian ink is so strong it would take you four days to take it off then half an hour later I was finished. My art looked great it looked sort of funny too.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


On Monday Room 16 went to the Glen Innes pools. When we went in it was warm and it smelled like chlorine and then Mr. S told us to go and changed into our togs. Next when we got into our togs we all went for a short shower.

After that we sat on the chairs for a while to wait for our test. Then we got into the pool with an expert swimmer and we learned the breathing position, backstroke and how to swim laps around the pool. Then we got out and got changed into our uniform and then we got into lines of two and walked back to school. It was a great day!

Friday, March 30, 2012


In the holidays I’m going to go to the Youth pride
it going to be so fun. What they do there is first they introduce themselves to us then we introduce us to

What we do here is play different activity and rotate.
After That we all get together and have lunch.
Next when we are all finished We say goodbye to them.