Friday, February 22, 2013

Last week on the 15th of Feb we had a Fia Fia reminder. Mrs M and her group was making a performance. First Mr Barks went up onto the stage then Levi, Lave and Tana started drumming. Then Mr Barks started dancing like a lunatic. After all that craziness Uili started singing ‘I believe’ then went on to Henry then after Hosanna started singing.

Next Kingston come walking out to the edge of the stage with his conch shell.  He blew it and even though it was quiet I can still hear a little. Then Gabriel came walking down the stage with his stick in his hand swinging it around. Then Rita the Samoan Queen carrying a sword. Then suddenly Crusader and his friends started carrying the Dragon onto the stage.

After that there were little girls in little ballerina dresses and they started dancing like ballerinas. After the ballerina dance Dhara and Saadiya started dancing. When Dhara and Saadiya were dancing Isara sat on his unicycle and started riding it across the stage and back.

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