Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Family and friends

Hi my name is Mikaiah at school I have about five friends there name is Paris, Uili, Levi, James and Nathan. When i’m at school I play with them at morning tea and lunch time my favourite two is Uili and James. One game that we play is tagg of course you have played that I think.

Anyway in my family I have for sisters and two brothers. One of my sister has two kids and one baby my other sister has one baby. My other sister doesn't  have any kids her husband is at Tonga. I only have a mum because my dad died last year in August .

We buried him at Rarotonga next to my grandfather or his dad. It was cool flying to Rarotonga because on the plane there are screens at the back of every chair. there's a headphone for you to listen to songs and you can watch movies and play games too it is really cool.

When we had to bury him we had to cut our hair because it was long. When all the funeral’s whirr finished we fly back over to New zealand.

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