Friday, March 22, 2013

Homeless lady

Once there was an old lady living in a motel and one day the motel manager called her and said” that you haven't paid your rent. So she got kicked out of the motel. Right next to the motel there is a train station so she sat down on the chiers with all her things and she was struggling  trying to get food out of a can because she was so horrified that she got kicked out. As she was eating all of her stuff whirr around her.

When she finished eating I saw her red and black tartan skirt and beside her was a oversized bag filled to the brim. She was wearing an large waterproof jacket she would be so hungry and starving because she only ate one can of food. All she had was all of her belongings on her feet she had old worn shoes and long brown socks. Beside her she had many many of plastic bags filled with cans and also clothing.She took it to the metal man and the metal man gave her ten dollars.

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