Friday, March 15, 2013


On Friday the school is going to have a special assembly Because Mrs M’s brother is is coming to perform at assembly. So when the second bell rang the class got into lines. When everyone was in line we all started walking. As we got to the hall the whole class had to walk all the way to the back of the hall so we all can sit on the chairs.

When we sat down there whirr still many class’s coming into the hall. When the whole school was sitting down and the song was playing Mr Burt got out his guitar next Mr Jacobson stop the song for Mr Burt to talk. After Mr Burt told the school to stand up so we can sing the national anthem so we sang. Bye the time we finished singing we sat down on our chairs or ether on the floor.

Next Mrs M told us to give a big welcome to her brother. Did you know he traveled to many places like London, Samoa and of course New Zealand because he's here right now. Well anyway he came walking out to introduce himself after when he finished introducing himself he told us to say something that is part of his performance. When we whirr saying it he started singing so we all stopped.

The song that he was singing was about the tsunami in Samoa.As he was singing the whole school started cheering and clapping his performance was awsome I think this is why i’m writing about it. Just kidding our teacher told us to write about it and what kind of experience we all had about it.

So I think he sang for a bit it was so cool even though it was long. Bye the time He finished the whole school was still cheering for him and we all whirr happy about him and the song. Then we stopped cheering and then Mr M came and said to give an around of applause and everybody was clapping and cheering then his performance was finished and then Mr Jacobson put on some music and the whole school went to class and carried on with their work.

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