Wednesday, March 6, 2013


YES THERE’S A PICNIC” today I screamed. This morning I got up early then I got ready for school. After I started walking to school. Next when I was at school then the second bell rang then we all got in to two lines of girls and boys.

Soon as we got in line we started walking to the hall so Mr Burt can tell us the rules down at the beach. First of all Mr Burt told us not to go down to the point. So then he told us where to go and where not to go.

So then after Mr Burt said that the year seven and eight start walking first to the beach then the year’s 6,5,4 and all the rest follow after us. By the time we got to the beach Mr Jacobson and Mrs Vaafusuanga already setted up all the sports gear around different places. Next  the howl school got in to two lines of boys and girls and sat down.

By the time we all sat down Mr Burt told us that we can set up underneath trees. After that he told us to go and find our places for us to sit down and stay there the howl day. Next we had to find our tree to go under. Our tree that we went under was a tree on the far side of the beach.

When we sat down our teacher said we can already eat our morning tea.
After when I ate my morning tea me and my friends Paris and Nathan we went down to the sand and we made mountains, tarnoles, carcels and also alleyways for the water to go through. Then next when we finished playing with the sand it was time for the year sevens and eights tern to go for a swim the year sevens and eight were allowed to bomb off  the rock on the beach.

After their swim it was lunchtime so we went to our bags and got our lunch when we whirr walking suddenly Paris cut his feet with a small seashell. I started racing across the beach to help him when i got to him his feet was bleeding so I carried him and started to walk down to the teacher and we took him to get the first aid kit. When we whirr walking blood was coming out but it was just a little when we got there the first thing we had to do was we had to clean his feet before we put the bandage on.

When we finished cleaning it we put the bandage on his feet. After we finished putting it on me and Paris started walking. when we started walking my friend Nathan saw me and Paris. So he started Jogging to us and he asked me what happened? and I said he cut his feet then we all started walking together when we went to our place Mr Burt blowed the horn so the howl school had to get everything we brang and bring it with us and we had to go where we whirr  when we first came to the beach.

When we all sat down Mr burt said that he had a good time at the beach and he hoped that we all had a good time at the beach to. Next when he saying his speech the howl school had to walk back to school. then it was home time so we all went home.

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